Ortner BC Caption Competition

This is a little competition suggested by our members. Please e-mail us with a caption for any of the photo below (or any others you've seen on the site). Try and keep it clean and this is not intended to be insulting to any body, just a few labels for amusing photographs.

Suitable captions will be displayed, and voted upon, and the winner will be announced at the Henley BBQ (7th July 2001) and prized given out.

More photos will be added as the are recieved, so if you have any send them to us.

Caption Photo 1

(Unknown photo 6 , women and coach walking to river)

Caption Photo 2

(Unknown photo 8, an 8 training at Henley)

Caption Photo 3

(Unknown photo 1, group of 5 men outside RUBC)

Caption Photo 4

(RUBC 8's Head 1996)

Caption Photo 5

(RUBC 1st 8 Reading Reagatta 1997)

Caption Photo 6

(RUBC 8 at Docklands 1990-91 (?))

Caption Photo 7

(Ortner BBQ 2000)

Caption Photo 8

(Ortner BBQ 2000)

E-mail captions to us with details of the photo which the caption accompanies.