Ortner Annual Challenge Day 2001

Some months before the RUBC men's novice 8 had challenged the members of Ortner BC to a boat race. The challenge was accepted and the race was on. The Novices were now ex-novices, having won at Bedford Regatta, and were full of confidence. Many of the Ortner BC crew had not been in a boat , or even broken sweat, for a few years now, but the skill was still ingrained. This, we were confident, was enough to show the cocky RUBC boys how it was done.

The race course was set. The railings (near the regatta start) to the Town club. The Ortner crew protested at this but RUBC stuck hard, and I feel this is where they gained an edge.

The Ortner crew had an amazing warm up, all was great and confidence was high. We got on to the start and it was then that the thought of 4 minutes of racing kicked in. We were a little slow out of the block (we actually waited for go - foolish!) and the RUBC crew kept with us.

At half way the pain was starting in the Ortner boat and RUBC pulled away. There was no coming back. RUBC won the challenge by 4 length's.

Well done boys, but we'll be back and I think this has got Oldies fired up to train - amazing!
A second 'social' race was arranged. This involved the spares from each crews and others who had not had enough pain in the race before. The crews named "Tit's" and "Arse" were only raced over 500m and Tit's came out on top.

Ortner BC lead the way up to the start

Timing a bit off in the Ortner boat!!

RUBC just showing off

Crowds line the bank at the finish

The crews have made up and pose for the team photo

The second 'mixed' race