Ortner Annual Challenge Day 2002

This years race was a real grudge match as the Ortner BC members were still sore from the previous years loss to RUBC. We were out for revenge.

The race course had been shortened form the previous year. It was from the Pepper pot house to Reading Town boat house (approximately 600m). We wanted the factor of fitness to be removed from the equation, and for the crowds to be able to see both start and finish for more exciting racing.

The race Umpire Mr. Eddie Rixon (2000 Agric) ensured a fair race following in the launch and the verdict was a 1/3 length. This was a fine performance by both crews, but it was felt by many Ortner members that the University had unfairly made use of the stream that was flowing on this warm, dry, sunny May day!

After the main event their was a more light hearted race. The crews were drawn at random from every willing body present. This included people from RUBC, Ortner, novice, senior, men and women. The crews names were "Spits", a geological term probably as there were so many Geography student in the boat, and "Swallow", after the birds around on the day I presume! "Swallow" got off to a great start and dominated the race, winning by a length.

The racing was followed by the customary BBQ and beer, and a night of dancing at the Union where the Ortner "oldies" could show the students more of their demon rhythm.

RUBC v's Ortner BC

RUBC warm up!

Kamikaze cox

Close fought battle

Photo finish

Mixed racing "Swallows" v's "Spits"

Swallows take the lead

Is it Spit or Swallow?

Post race BBQ

Night out