Ortner Annual Challenge Day 2004 - 8th May 2004

The RUBC novices were looking like they would walk all over the Ortner crew at this years challenge with some good results early on in the season, but we were not racing a Head! The course was the 500m from the Reading Schools boat house to the life bouy above Reading Rowing Club.

Ortner had a mixed boat this year with Rosie making up the crew at bow, and the RUBC lot sportingly included Rachel in there line up. The crew or Paul Stevenson, Will Rand, John Amery, Ian Ringer, Robin Habberly, Tom V-G, Robin Gardener and Rosie Elmes were expertly coxed by RUBC cox Suzy.

In our warm up we had been discussing our start tactics, which were to go on the "A" of Attention, although it turned out not to help much as RUBC had formulated the same plan. Ortner lead from the start and although we were expecting a fade in our crew and RUBC to stride through, this never happened. I think we could all smell victory and weren't going to let it go.

The result was a win for Ortner BC over RUBC novices by 3/4 of a length, Ortners first victory. It was one of those events which the participants will be telling their grand children in years to come "I was there".

RUBC v's Ortner BC


Ortner go past in a blur

The finish

The race group

Guess who?