Ortner BC social gallery

Note: As some of you may have noticed the photos of the events are looking a little similar each time. If any of you have different pictures please let us have them.

In this Ortner BC gallery you will find (please click on one of the sections):
Reading University Head of the River: take one - March 2002
Painting party - Sept 2001
3rd Henley BBQ - July 2001
Reading University Head of the River - Feb 2001
Ortner Autumn pub crawl - Nov 2000
2nd Henley BBQ - July 2000
Ortner BC racing - Feb 2000

Below: Cancelled Reading Head 2002 2nd March 2002

Due to fast conditions on the Thames the University Head was postponed for 2 weeks. Lots of people still turned up and made the most of the opportunity of a night out without being too tired from a days racing.



Below: Ortner/RUBC painting party

Ortner members organised painting party for the RUBC boat house. It was looking a little "tired" due to all the use and we thought it would be good way to give a bit back to the Uni. Around a dozen past RUBC members turner up armed with brushes and tubs of elbow grease! We gave the boathouse a new lease of life ready for the influx of new and keen students. Many thanks to all those who helped, and enjoyed painting the town red after!!

White wash

keep on working


Is that paint in your hair?

Well earned rest

Below: Ortner BC 3rd Annual Henley BBQ, July 2001.

The 3rd annual Ortner Henley BBQ was well attended with over 60 people. It is good to see a real mix of generations now that the Ortner Boat Club name is spreading. Sorry I was not too evident at the BBQ but I had to race the next day - glad to say it was worth it, we WON!! Thanks for all those who helped with the organisation of the BBQ. See you at the next event, Will.

Meat looks a bit raw.

All smiles.

Group shot.


BBQing till dawn.

On the floor?

Jez relaxing


Below: Reading University Head, 24th February 2001.

Reading University Head of the River is an event which many of you will have been heavily involved in organising in the past. Unfortunately due to the heavy rain which we have had recently and the extreme caution of the Environments Agency the Head was canceled for this year.

As many Ortner BC members had already made plans to travel to Reading a BBQ was organised and a small reunion. Although most people were recent graduates Richard Gulson, who coxed was RUBC 1st VIII in 1964 and was Vice President in 1965, made his way over from California. We thank him for the photos he brought over, which can be seen in our 1960's history files. Everyone enjoyed hearing the stories he had to tell, and we hope that more of this will go on at the Henley BBQ.

Below are some of the photos from the day.

Yet another BBQ

Smart new kit

Hit the Union

Lovin it...

lovin it...

lovin it.

Hose me down again!

Ortner take over the Union


Below: Pictures of the Ortner Boat Club pub-crawl, ergo champs weekend-25th November 2000

Ortner BC pub-crawl was an early training session for the year ahead, it was not a large get-together, around 15 OBC and 15 RUBC members, but a great time was had and a lot of ice broken (which was useful as it was needed for all the booze). Thanks all those that came along, and see you at the next on in February.

PS Nice to see Nick having another smooth ride with his "Lotus Alicia"!

Pub 1, not such a quiet start!

Pub 2, not drunk yet

Pub 2, how civilised

Pub 3, discussing our dance moves

Al and Jez Clubbing it.

Banksie hypnotized by her "charms"

OBC and RUBC having a mingle

Girls having a lucky night!


Below: Ortner BC 2nd Annual Henley BBQ, July 2000.

How civilised

Too many chefs

Gin, me, never?!


Break from cooking



Below: Ortner racing at Reading University Head, February 2000

Old boys show how its done, well for the first 250m at least!




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